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13 Jul Brian Hubbard

My name is Brian Hubbard and fitness is a life style of mine!  I’ve been into fitness ever since I was young. I ran Track and Field for Brighton High School for four years and was able to get in the sub 5-minute mile pace. I...

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09 May Miah Green

I am a 4th grade honor student from Syracuse, UT. I discovered all star cheer when I was 4 years old and have not stopped since. In pursuit of being a stronger flyer I started aerial silks over 2 years ago and am currently training on the...

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18 Apr Kevin Miller

MY name is Kevin Miller. I believe that regular exercise and eating good clean food are the keys to a long and healthy life. As a pilot for a major airline, getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging. When I'm at...

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Terrell "Scooter" Cooper

18 Apr Terrell “Scooter” Cooper

Some things about myself is that I am non stop working that being snowboarding, skating, dry-land training, filming/editing or even researching my competition. I am very open minded coming into each situation in life good or bad knowing ill take something I learned from any...

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18 Apr Erica Perkins

My transformation has made me grow so much as a person.. My fitness story isn’t about the vanity at all. I am so happy I have lost weight and that I will continue to do so.. but the things that I have learned about myself as...

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18 Apr James Lawrence

I am an athlete. I am a husband. I am a proud father of four daughters and a son. I compete in endurance races and Ironman Triathlons. Currently I hold two world record in 70.3 and 140.6 triathlon racing. I am not satisfied. What's next?...

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25 Feb Kassidy & Amy

            Kassidy is 13 years old and has been dancing since she was 2 ½. She specializes in jazz, hip hop, funk, contemporary, lyrical, acro, ballet and point. Amy is 14 years old and has also been dancing since she was 2 1/2. She has the...

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18 Jan Ashlee Lunds

I have always been athletic, weights was my favorite class in high school. It wasn't until my sophomore year of college when I lost my athletic scholarship and had to go back home that I started putting weight on. I was discouraged, my mind became my...

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