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18 Apr Erica Perkins

My transformation has made me grow so much as a person..

My fitness story isn’t about the vanity at all. I am so happy I have lost weight and that I will continue to do so.. but the things that I have learned about myself as a person and what I can do are way more valuable.

I was very active in high school. I was on the drill team AND the swim team. I was very involved with fitness. I loved it. I did well.

When I was a senior, I was still on the swim team but wasn’t into it as serious as I was in the past. I started my cosmetology college course and I worked as a lifeguard after school so it took up a lot of time. When I graduated, I moved from a small town to SLC to start working fulltime and going to school full time. Free time was a joke. I was ALWAYS on the go. I ate terribly and stopped working out. I gained about 40 pounds after high school and it was extremely depressing. I just kept getting bigger and feeling less like myself. My family noticed and my friends did too.



The pic on the left was taken in late summer of 2012 Pic on the right was taken this week on Wednesday, December 19th 2014 😀 I still have a long way to go but I will get there!

People would say some pretty mean things to me.. when I visited my home town, this girl asked if I was pregnant.. I was not.

It obviously made me cry  I couldn’t stop thinking about it for months. I knew things had to change.

I had some health issues that surfaced as well so my mom and I went to go see a doctor. I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). In short, it’s a hormone imbalance that causes excessive weight gain and causes heart disease, diabetes, ovarian cancer, etc.

I also have asthma and the excessive weight gain was taking a BIG toll on it.

He put me on a diet plan and prescribed me a lot of medicine to get my health under control. I started to lose weight because of this. I lost about 15 pounds which was awesome but then I left the country to live in Hungary as a missionary for a year and a half. I couldn’t maintain the diet while I was abroad but I kept the weight off that I lost because I was constantly walking everywhere.

Although I maintained my weight, I still received very unwanted comments from my peers and from strangers. I was tired of the comments. I was tired of not feeling confident.  I was tired of feeling like I wasn’t in control of myself. I was tired of not feeling confident.

I got home and slowly got back on track. I decided to start a 21 day reset program. Now looking back, I am SO glad I started because that made me find my passion for fitness. I started seeing results and it pushed me to see more.

My friend worked out a lot and he had an awesome transformation himself so I tagged along. I started looking forward to my daily workouts which made me make it a routine.

I started to read about fitness and study about different workouts and nutrition.  It all just snowballed into a growing passion.

My health is under 100% under control now. I no longer take any sort of medication for my asthma or PCOS. It is such a great feeling to not be dependent on something. It is so empowering being able to push yourself to become better physically and mentally.

It is MORE empowering to be in control of your health and well being.

I never used to be a goal oriented person but after living in Hungary and becoming a fluent Hungarian speaker, goals had become vital to growing and learning. I decided that if I wanted to make a real and lasting transformation, I needed to have a serious long term goal in place with reasonable short term goals as well.

That is why I have decided to do a body building competition. I have never wanted anything more in my life. I have never sacrificed as

much as I have for this. This passion for fitness and personal growth is growing everyday. It is such an amazing feeling!!! Like I said at the beginning.. I am not doing this for the vanity of it all. I mean, I don’t think anyone does.

Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait to have a killer 6 pack and beautiful round shoulders but being able to see where I came from to where I am now.. that is just amazing to me and stronger motivation to keep me going.