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Terrell "Scooter" Cooper

18 Apr Terrell “Scooter” Cooper

Some things about myself is that I am non stop working that being snowboarding, skating, dry-land training, filming/editing or even researching my competition. I am very open minded coming into each situation in life good or bad knowing ill take something I learned from any situation. I am a huge outdoors men going down hilling, rock climbing or camping as long as its in nature I am doing it. I also am a huge sky diver and go about once a week during the summer which will be awesome using a gopro or camera company to get sky diving shots during the off season. The message I want to bring to people who follow my snowboarding or see my story is that It doesn’t matter where you come from or what economic situation you are in but if you love something enough and truly do everything in your power to achieve your goal anyone can do it, to let people know that life is fun and to live and explore and learn.. Thank you for all your time and help -scooter

Terrell "Scooter" Cooper



18-year-old, I’ve been snowboarding since 2005. This will be my 9th year snowboarding.

I have trained in both Boardercross and Big Mountain – currently focused on Big Mountain.

This is my 4th Season competing at a national/ international level.

I train with Team Utah at High Cascade annually.  I was awarded The 2012 Rookie Rider of the Year by Team Utah Snowboarding.


Competing in the Junior Free Ride Tour, United States Amateur Snowboard Association (USASA), Revolution Tour, Hole Shot Tour and IFSA Big Mountain Tour.

3rd in the World at the Junior Free ride World Tour Championships. (2014)

3rd at IFSA Bogus Basin (2014)

3rd in the World at the Junior Free ride World Tour Championships. (2013)

2nd at IFSA Big Mountain Squaw Valley. (2013)

2nd at JFT Big Mountain Bogus Basin. (2013)

3rd at USSA Hole Shot (NORAM) SBX Colorado. (2013)

School Involvement

Honor Roll all through Middle and High School maintaining a 3.75 GPA.

During the 2nd and 3rd quarters of school I am enrolled in online classes making it able for me to ride full time.  While it’s a challenge to balance scholastic requirements with training and competition. I am committed to succeeding at both.

Graduated from Valley High School in 2014


Summer I enjoy Skateboarding and wake boarding / wake skating.

Big outdoorsmen and just enjoy anything sports related.